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BJJ Gym specializing in No-Gi Grappling based in Chalong, Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Grappling Academy - Team photo


Welcome to the Phuket Grappling Academy, located between Chalong/Rawai in Phuket, Thailand.

Founded in 2021, we are one of the first gyms in Asia to adopt an entirely No-gi curriculum (adult) and a modern approach to grappling training.

In the two years since opening, the gyms quickly grown and is home to the most comprehensive and competitively successful No-Gi and Kids programs in the country.

We have classes suitable for all levels, with daily fundamentals and advanced classes for both adults and children taught by highly experienced coaches who speak English, Russian, Mandarin and Thai.


BJJ Phuket - no gi

Adult No Gi Grappling

Wrestling Phuket

Adult Wrestling

Kids BJJ Phuket

Kids Gi BJJ

Kids No Gi and Wrestling Phuket

Kids No Gi Bjj & Wrestling


Introduction to BJJ course

Limited spots are open. 7,000 THB for 12 lessons. Free T-shirt and 1-month membership for those who complete the course. 

Thursday 18.00-19.00
Saturday 10.00-11.00

A four week course consisting of 12 semiprivate lessons covering the basic fundamentals of No-Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling, intended to prepare participants to join regular group classes. Contact us for the next start date.

Our Story

Phuket Grappling Academy was founded in 2021 during the pandemic and in the midst of numerous closures and gym restrictions. Originally intended as a private mat space for a kids program and a group of friends to train, the classes quickly became more popular and it soon transitioned to being a full-time gym, charging a fraction of what the other gyms in Phuket did and making Jiu Jitsu more accessible to the people who lived on the Island and couldn’t afford access to quality training. Taking inspiration from the just released Daisy Fresh series, the small blue room that was the original gym soon became crowded and hosted some intense quality training sessions.

The first gym in SEA to adopt a No-Gi only curriculum, over 2022 the classes and reputation of the training continued to grow with classes often being frequented by UFC, One and PFL fighters as well as numerous high-profile grapplers visiting Phuket. At the end of 2022 the very first ADCC Thailand event took place with the academy beating the other Phuket gyms, which some of the biggest gyms in the world, to take the team trophy and cement its reputation as the best grappling gym in the country.

In January 2023 the gym left the 60m2 Blue room and moved into its current home. Since then the gym has continued on its upwards trajectory winning numerous ADCC open team trophies, hosting camps and training athletes from across the worlds biggest MMA organizations. Widely considered to be one of the best grappling gyms in Asia, the goal is to eventually become one of the best in the world while still keeping training affordable and accessible to regular people.

ADULT SCHEDULE from Feb 2024

adults 2024 02


kids 2024 02


*there are discounted rates for those who wish to prepay for multiple weeks or months, please message to to enquire
** there are also discounted rates for monthly membership for Thai nationals and long term visa holders (work and marriage visas)


Yes visitors are welcome to join any class on the schedule.
All of our classes are mixed level, generally all belt levels will be represented on the mats, if you are less experienced and don’t feel confident it is recommended you start with the 11.00 fundamentals class.
Structure varies but generally 09.00 and 19.00 classes are around 45 minutes technique and 45 minutes positional and open sparring. 11.00 classes are usually 45 minutes technique and 15-20 minutes sparring- it is not required to spar and members can do as many or as few rounds as they want.
Experience isn’t required to join classes; but it is recommended you start with the fundamentals classes if you have never trained before. We also offer introduction courses every 4-8 weeks for people who don’t feel comfortable entering the normal classes- message for further details.
All coaches are available for private lessons- rates vary message for further details.



review of BJJ Phuket Grappling Academy
Phuket Grappling is a wonderful place if you are willing to learn BJJ. Ben is probably the best grappler on the Island …
review of BJJ Phuket Grappling Academy
Best Grappling class you can get in Phuket. Ben has a really high level of bjj and teaches you a lot of important details.
review of BJJ Phuket Grappling Academy
I feel like I’ve learnt so much in such a short amount of time here at Phuket Grappling Academy. The coaches are very
review of BJJ Phuket Grappling Academy

Great gym with cool coaches. Everyone always helps each other, the team is as friendly as possible)) there is air …

Phuket Grappling Academy Rawai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket, Thailand 83130 Tel: 0654047265 Sunday, Closed Monday, 8:30 AM–9 PM Tuesday, 8:30 AM–9 PM Wednesday, 8:30 AM–9 PM Thursday, 8:30 AM–9 PM Friday, 8:30 AM–9 PM Saturday, 9 AM–2 PM